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reasons to train your glutes

5 Reasons you SHOULD train your glutes!

In light of today’s post on Instagram (if you haven’t seen it go check it out @mrandmrsmuscle) it dawned on us that many people may not know why it is important to train their glutes, aside from the fact that perfectly round glutes are sexy AF. What are Glutes you say?! […]

how to stay motivated to exercise

5 Tips to help you stay motivated to train!

For those of you following us on instagram, you will see that over the past eight weeks we have been extremely active with our training. The most common questions we get are ‘Do you train everyday?’ and ‘How do you stay motivated?’

reasons why your low carb diet is not working

Reasons your Low-Carb Diet is NOT working!

Low-carb diets are often sworn by as the ultimate way to shed the pounds quickly! However, not everyone can profess to this. The universe knows I have spent the last two years on and off low carb diets with no visible results *sad face* So, finally I dived deeper and […]

foods that drain your energy

5 Everyday foods that drain your energy!

When we think of food, we think energy not lack of energy! If you are anything like me, you sometimes wake up feeling tired so you: Set the alarm 10mins later than usual and still feel tired Have a coffee and still feel tired Knock back an energy drink and […]

how to get rid of love handles

How to get rid of love handles once and for all?!!!

Love handles! What is there to love?! They prevent you from putting on fitted t-shirts, tops or dresses. They make your hips look narrow in jeans, giving you a ‘muffin top’ and they wreak havoc when you are looking for the ultimate beach shorts or bikini. In addition, love handles […]